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Heart to Heart” recreates a fun, full tilt rock’n roll concert environment in the style of “Heart’s” vibe and atmosphere.
“Heart to Heart” has mastered the look & sound of Ann and Nancy Wilson of “Heart,” taking fans by storm with their flawless sound and harmonies —.

Their play list, from (circa) 1975 to 1995, includes the most sought after hits, like: Barracuda, Crazy On You, Magic Man, These Dreams, Alone, etc.

With their 6 piece line up, all of the musicians in “Heart to Heart” are seasoned professionals, having toured and recorded extensively throughout their careers. They are passionate “Heart” fans, who have one goal in mind…to create a fun and memorable concert environment in the style and spirit of “Heart.”

It has been noted by many that the high energy that this tribute band brings to the stage, expresses their love and enthusiasm for “Heart.”


Many thanks the photographers whose fine work is proudly displayed on our site.