Band Bios


Sandra James


Sandra James is a premier vocalist that hails from Northern California.   Sandra received formal training as a kid that helped develop her natural mezzo-soprano tone.  Sandra used that training to help develop her chops early on, performing at multiple venues throughout high school before honing her skills with various cover bands.  Through many performances with those bands, Sandra noticed a lot of requests for Heart and Pat Benatar cover songs, which ultimately led her to create her own tribute bands for those respective artists.  

     Heart to Heart Tribute Band, featuring Sandra as Ann Wilson, takes you on a musical journey through the glory days of Heart, covering iconic songs such as Crazy On You, Barracuda, Magic Man, Alone, These Dreams, Never, and many others.  Meanwhile, Sandra’s other tribute band, Crimes of Passion featuring Sandra as Pat Benatar, runs through various hit songs by the legendary singer such as Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Love is a Battlefield, We Belong, amongst others.   Both Heart to Heart Tribute Band and Crimes of Passion have had successful runs performing worldwide at many venues such as House of Blues, Lake Arrowhead, Fox Theater, Station Casinos, Canyon Club, Norwegian Cruise Lines.  As well, Sandra has been featured on AXS TV as one of the best cover acts in the world, helping garner even more brand recognition. 

      Sandra expresses a humility and connection with her fans that belies typical artists and is described by many as an absolute sweetheart.  Sandra’s fans have complimented her repeatedly on her uncanny vocal resemblance to both Ann Wilson and Pat Benatar, as well as her style and stage presence.   Now that Sandra is residing in Las Vegas, she is looking for opportunities to utilize that style and stage presence to recreate the same magic and passion that led those bands to being the legends that they are today.


Mary Odulio

Rhythm Guitar & Bass Player

Migrated to the US in 2006.  Mary's been in the Nevada music scene since 2012, playing gigs at neighborhood bars, lounges, casinos and soon around the world.  Her love of music started at the age of 12, where she self-taught herself to play the acoustic guitar.  Then later she joined a choir group to improve her confidence in singing.


Playing the bass guitar was an accident due to an absent band member.  From then on, she fell in love with the instrument.


Mary regularly plays every Saturday at an Italian lounge, playing crossover music, Classic Rock to Alternative Grunge to top 40’s or 2K’s.  Mary is always ready to Rock!


Her most recent music venture is performing in a Tribute band called Heart To Heart, impersonating Nancy Wilson of Heart.  She is very excited and honored to be a part of this amazing tribute band where she’ll be singing some of the most popular Heart songs:  “These Dreams”, “Stranded,” “There’s The Girl,” and “Will You be There In the Morning.”  Mary is truly an inspiration to all women who want to rock!"  


Michael Angelo Vattima

The Drummer

I was born just outside Philadelphia in Stratford, NJ. I grew up in Washington Township NJ.  All I ever wanted to do was play drums. Everything I did in and out of school was music.  Some of my early influences were: Rush, YES, Motown, Genesis, and Phil Collins.  Later on, I really got into Hip-Hop and R&B. I love playing “in the pocket” you can play as many notes as you like but the pocket is where it’s at!  Just ask Ricky Lawson! Now don’t get me wrong, chops and technique are equally important.  Anyone that can utilize both of these tools musically would prove to be proficient in his or her craft! That said….I love the pocket.  So in 1990, I set out to play with everyone I could.  Along the way, I found myself in many inspirational situations and some not so inspiring.  I have learned from all!  I have played a few high-profile gigs like: Anita Sarawak in Malaysia, RCA recording artist Kristine W, Sparxx, Lorenzo Antonio, and Sunny Turner to name a few.  The past few years have been spent close to home working with a variety of talent as well as cutting tracks in my house studio.

Denny Mishler

The Guitarist

Mishler grew up in the small town of McGill, NV. After more than 3 years of performing the local bar scene in Ely, NV (beginning at age 15), he recorded his first solo album, 2000’s Last Rain, while barely out of high school. His music subsequently received worldwide airplay, and the title track climbed to #3 on the Instrumental Rock charts.

Mishler continued to perform live with various bands all over Northern Nevada, winning awards and accolades for his guitar playing. 

In late 2001, Mishler’s album caught the ear of the New York based band, Badwater. After accepting the offer to become their full-time guitarist, he relocated to the East coast. They recorded a full length LP (Rage & Ruin, 2002) and performed throughout New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Mishler decided to leave the project and head to Las Vegas to pursue other opportunities in music.

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Giorgio Tupanjanin

The Bassist

A graduate of the LA College of Music, Giorgio Tupanjanin is a well-respected player who has recorded and performed with a myriad of artists, including the much revered jazz-fusion guitarist, Frank Gambale.

His interest in diverse areas of the music industry has led him to assume various roles as a producer and composer for the artists he has collaborated with as well as a writer of creative theme music for television, independent, and industrial films. At heart, Giorgio sees himself as a “principal” bassist. Thus, for him, quality of tone is something never to be compromised. Refusing to use anything but the best, Giorgio says “great designs go far beyond having the right buttons in the right places.